Donate Financially

If you would like to make a financial donation to Baby Bank Norfolk please contact us for payment details. As a volunteer-run Charity we rely entirely on fundraising, donations and grants to cover all our running costs such as rents on storage spaces, marketing materials to ensure we are getting to the families who need the service, and the purchase of new items such as mattresses for Moses baskets or bottles and teats.

We anticipate that in one year we will need £250 just to cover AA batteries for donated equipment and toys! We would also like to stock all sizes of nappies and toiletries which we anticipate will run to around £1000 a year. In addition rental costs for our storage unit and base will cost over £2000 per year. So you can see how financial donations however small are always very much appreciated indeed.

You could also run a fundraising event to raise much needed funds for us too, let us know if we can help in any way!

  • £5 – Buys a large pack of nappies, a Baby board book or covers a days rental of our storage unit.
  • £10 – Buys 2 new mattresses for donated Moses Baskets or 24 AA batteries for donated toys.
  • £12 – Buys 18 packs of wipes or 12 packs of Non-bio washing powder
  • £15 – Buys a new bottle starter kit or a cold water steriliser
  • £40 – Provides a Newborn Essentials Kit or pays our hall rental costs for 1 week.
  • £150 – Pays for our storage for an entire month.

To can see our current wish list on Amazon.

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