Everything donated will go towards helping families in need in Norfolk. Any clothing items that are not suitable for any reason will be sent to a “rag” organisation for recycling and raise funds for the Baby Bank. Some donated items that are not in high demand, where we have excess stocks may be sold at one of our nearly new sales in order to raise funds to purchase items that are needed such as mattresses for donated moses baskets, nappies and wipes.

Please see here or check our Facebook Page events listing for details of our up and coming sales.

Yes absolutely! Please see the Donate Financially page. Financial donations are used to buy items new that we require such as new mattresses and teats, and to cover the cost of getting items safety checked before they go out.

Yes Please! We are 100% volunteer run so if you don’t clean your items or freshly launder them then one of our volunteers will have to do so, most of our volunteers are busy mummies and daddies so please help us by ensuring items are clean and in good, stain free, condition before donating them. It also helps us out a great deal if you could bundle them and label them in age and gender. E.g. “0-6mth girls vests and sleepsuits” “age 3 boys trousers and tops” you would not believe the time this saves us!

Please see this list for details on what we are able to currently accept.

Our volunteers check every item that is donated to ensure it meets current safety standards and that toys carry the relevant safety marks etc. Any Electrical items are PAT tested before they are sent out to families. We do not rehome used mattresses for cots or cribs, or teats for bottles, there are purchased new using financial donations received.

We rely on our supporters bringing their donations to us, however if you are unable to drop off items at any of our Approved Donations Stations then please ask and we may be able to organise a volunteer to pick up. It depends on what you have to offer, where you live and the availability of volunteers.

We are delighted to say we are now based at Greenfields Community Centre on Ives Road in Norwich. The team at this vibrant community hub has been so supportive and we are incredibly grateful for their patience and support whilst we worked to get ourselves organised in this new space.

We now have a storage facility that suits us perfectly with neatly arranged boxes and shelves of sorted items, all easily accessible for the referrals we are putting together on a weekly basis. A big thank you again to Greenfields – we couldn’t have helped so many families this year without you.

At present the Baby Bank is fully stocked but we often run low on certain items, and will be holding more donation drop off events in the future. Please check our news pages, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for details of any special requests. Gymboree Norwich, based at Notcutts, very generously take in Baby Bank Norfolk donations too.

Our donation storage facility is located at Greenfields Community Centre on Ives Road in Norwich. We have very limited space and have had to be (very) inventive and organised to enable us to store all the items we have been generously given. This facility is not manned so we ask that if you do wish to donate any items that you please contact the team to check that we can take your donations and arrange for someone to meet you at the Community Centre if necessary. You can do this via our Contact page or by sending us a direct message on Facebook.

Details of future donation events will be posted here too. With current stock levels we anticipate that the next one will be early 2018.