Not until I had a child did I understand the amount of stuff a house could actually hold.

Before I became a mother I would have classed myself as a hoarder. You know the type: can’t throw away anything of any tiny sentimental significance, including cinema tickets from first, second and 14th dates; every birthday card ever sent to me; diaries from teenage years; 1980s set of crimping irons (for any 80s nights I may be invited to); tarnished cheap jewellery (in case it comes back in fashion) the list goes on…

But since my children came along, hoarding has entered a whole new dimension. I am not kidding – I have kept every single piece of clothing that my daughter and son ever had. I’ve lent them out to friends and family for their subsequent babies but I’ve always asked for them back – just in case. I’ve also been guilty of buying every single gadget known to man associated with babies and children. Despite working in marketing myself – I am the epitome of a marketers dream.

I know though, that nothing feels better than clearing out all of that stuff you’ve been pretending isn’t a fire hazard in the eaves of your ever expanding loft.  It frees up a lot of space physically and mentally. It does you no end of good. Feng Shui and all that…You just have to get in that zone and not be tempted to keep things that you no longer have use for yourself or that you don’t truly love.

So, this January, fellow hoarders of the world – be brave. Start small and build up if you have to. Just a box is a good start. Put together a box (or two, if you can) of good quality stuff (check out our donations page to see what we can and can’t accept) and bring it down to us at our January Donation Event at Greenfields Community Centre. We can make sure it all finds a nice new home with a family that really needs it. It will make you feel all warm on the inside knowing you’re giving stuff you loved and found useful to someone who will love and find it useful too.

If you discover that you like the feeling of freeing up some space and you’re feeling super courageous, we’re having a Nearly New Sale in February…why not book a table to get rid of even more stuff!! And spend what you make on nice shiny new stuff??

Everyone’s a winner.