Since starting Baby Bank Norfolk last year, we have helped many families in need of baby essentials. But how does it all work? How do families access our services?

Basically, it works like this. If a family needs items for their baby, a professional organisation such as a children’s centre, a charity, GP surgery, a social worker or a health visitor can refer them to Baby Bank Norfolk. They send us the details so we can prepare a suitable package for the family. So, if we know the family has a 3-month old baby girl, we’ll provide them with a full set of clothes sized 3-6 months, appropriate to the season. We’ll also include any other essentials that they may need such as a moses basket and bedding, changing mats, nappies and toiletries.

We have no direct contact with the families who receive our packages. We use trained, professional organisations as intermediaries in this process to help protect the families we help, to protect our volunteers and to offer a fair service to all families.

We highly value the relationship we have with our referral partners and over the past year we have worked hard to spread the word about how we can help families in need. But we need to let more people know what we do.

Can you help us?

Do you, or someone you know, work in the type of professional organisation that we use as referral partners? If so, it would really help us to help more people if they knew about us and our services. Tell them what we do, visit our website – we have a very handy page for professionals wanting to refer families. Help us spread the word and reach more families in need.